• Design Software

    ASUKABOOK Maker is a comprehensive design software, available exclusively for AsukaBook customers. The software is localized in your language and runs under Windows and Mac.

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  • Photoshop Templates

    The sky is the limit with just a little knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and our blank Photoshop templates, created just for our AsukaBook products.

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  • Photoshop Tool

    The AsukaBook Photoshop Tool (ABPs) has been created to offer an alternate AsukaBook design option and a more efficient workflow to design layouts for an AsukaBook in Adobe Photoshop.

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  • InDesign Tools

    AsukaBook InDesign Tool is a plug-in that integrates seemlessly in InDesign. It allows you to simply create a book layout, resize a design, create a proof book etc.

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  • File Checker

    AsukaBook has developed the application File Checker which will create a PDF file from your designed files. File Checker is a must, unless you are using AsukaBook Maker*, to use since the PDF created is the only form of file our system allows for an upload of your order.

    The program will verify resolution, pixel dimension, file names, color profiles, and number of pages to help ensure a perfect book, in addition to making a PDF file for your new order!

    AsukaBook Maker generates an equivalent file to a file created by File Checker.

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