Book Bound Soft Cover

with Transparent Case

Book Formats
  • For a more casual feel, try the soft-cover design. This book is comfortable to hold and flip through, while still offering a fully printable cover with a protective coating to preserve its appearance for years to come.

    The soft cover book features a white vellum sheet placed in front of the first printed page, and all pages are protected with a Varnish or Laminate coating giving the pages a lustrous look and satiny feel. A frosted case is included allowing extra protection and easy portability.

  • Square Book Formats

    10x10 (26x26cm)
    8x8 (21x21cm)
    7x7 (18x18cm)
    5x5 (12x12cm)

    Horizontal Book Formats

    11x8 (29x21cm)
    10x7 (25x18cm)
    8x5.5 (21x14cm)

    Vertical Book Formats

    8x11 (21x29cm)
    7x10 (18x26cm)
    5.5x8 (14x20cm)
  • Sizes

    • 10x10 (26x26cm)
    • 8x8 (21x21cm)
    • 7x7 (18x18cm)
    • 5x5 (12x12cm)
    • 11x8 (29x20cm)
    • 10x7 (26x18cm)
    • 8x5.5 (21x14cm)
    • 8x11 (21x29cm)
    • 7x10 (18x26cm)
    • 5.5x8 (14x21cm)

    Number of Sides

    (2 Sides = 1 Page)

    • 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100

    Page Finish

    • Laminate matte and glossy, varnish

    Page Type

    • Book bound binding with thin pages


    • Soft cover book (brochure type)
    • Laminate matte or glossy


    • Frosted slide-in book case (semi-transparent)

    Note: All values in brackets (cm) represent the book size. The actual size of the cases or boxes are bigger.