Art Layflat


With Ivory or white paper

Book Formats
  • The Art Layflat Book boasts elegant ivory uncoated inside pages with a smooth hard cover. The Art Layflat Book is packaged in a natural tan gift style box, with a fully designable lift off top.

  • Horizontal Book Formats

    11.5x9 (30x23cm)
    7.5x6 (19x15cm)

    Vertical Book Formats

    9x11.5 (23x30cm)
    6x7.5 (15x19cm)
  • Sizes


    • 11.5x9 (30x23cm)
    • 7.5x6 (19x15cm)


    • 9x11.5 (23x30cm)
    • 6x7.5 (15x19cm)

    Number of Sides

    (2 Sides = 1 Page)

    • 10, 12, 14, 16, 18...90, 92, 94, 96, 98, 100 (all even increments from 10 - 100)

    Paper Type

    • Uncoated Ivory or White Art Paper (Contact us to request a paper sample.)


    • Designable hard cover
    • Laminate matte or glossy


    • Gift style box with designable lift top and natural tan bottom
    • Laminate matte or glossy case finish

    Note: All values in brackets (cm) represent the book size. The actual size of the cases or boxes are bigger.