Book Bound EX

Hard Cover with Case

Book Formats
  • The EX book offers high quality in the coffee table book line. Its pages have a protective varnish coating or a laminate coating in a matte or glossy finish to preserve its appearance for years to come. It also features a printed book jacket and exclusive book case with personalized hot stamping.

  • Square Book Formats

    12x12 (30x30cm)
    10x10 (26x26cm)
    8x8 (21x21cm)
    7x7 (18x18cm)
    5x5 (12x12cm)

    Horizontal Book Formats

    11x8 (29x21cm)
    10x7 (25x18cm)
    8x5.5 (21x14cm)

    Vertical Book Formats

    11x12.5 (29x31cm)
    8x11 (21x29cm)
    7x10 (18x26cm)
    5.5x8 (14x20cm)
  • Sizes

    • 12x12 (30x30cm)
    • 10x10 (26x26cm)
    • 8x8 (21x21cm)
    • 7x7 (18x18cm)
    • 5x5 (12x12cm)
    • 11x8 (29x21cm)
    • 10x7 (25x18cm)
    • 8x5.5 (21x14cm)
    • 11x12.5 (29x31cm)
    • 8x11 (21x29cm)
    • 7x10 (18x26cm)
    • 5.5x8 (14x21cm)

    Number of Sides

    (2 Sides = 1 Page)

    • 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100

    Page Finish

    • Laminate matte and glossy, varnish

    Page Type

    • Book bound binding with thin pages


    • Designable hard cover with designable jacket
    • Laminate matte or glossy


    • Black or red slide-in book case with gold or silver hot stamping text
    • Laminate matte or glossy

    Note: All values in brackets (cm) represent the book size. The actual size of the cases or boxes are bigger.